Tools for Developers

Preselected tools for developers grouped together.

Easy to start the development at higher abstraction level or use some template or find out some nice indicators or values with optimizer. No need to start from a scratch always.

Absolute must: PVIndicatorI  ! you can save lot of time and work with this one !

  1. PVIndicatorI: All standard indicators indexed, grouped and available via single, simplified  effective call PVIndicatorI(indIndex, period) ... Set period to 0 to use Default values for specific indicator.

  2. PVCrossSignals: Arbitrary get signals from every possible indicator (see above) cross you can imagine and even more,  second time frame and type build in.

  3. PVCrossSignalsS: A strategy example using previous signals. You can test and optimize almost any cross condition, get a "right" indicators or/and periods  (Easy to over optimize). If delivered in a source format, a good or easy start template to develop any strategies further.

  4. PVFilter: A filter to limit trading to the best possible conditions..

  5. More coming...

Don't forget that Optimizer addition either.

Check the blog site for more information.

FYI, all of my indicators can be modified a more developer friendly if needed (sometimes the original one is not developed directly to the automated strategy and some anomalities might exist), like remove extra parameters or group those wiser, set another defaults, what ever, just ask. 

OR/AND  if you are a serious with AI, deep learning, Machine Learning, you might want to check MLTools.

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