Custom NinjaTrader Indicators

Please use List or Indicator view from the blog site as a more up to date reference. For  a historical reason some listed here, too.

PriceVoodoo sites:

  1. BulletPVAdaptiveBar (info),  Adaptive bar type which understand time,volume and range unique and none virtual way. Check blog for more info. © PV.

  2. BulletPVActivityMeter (info),  This counts price changes/second, ticks/second, trades/second or volume/sec. Check blog for more info. © PV.

  3. BulletPVAddManualTrades (info),  Part of Semimanual /automatic strategy tester.  Check blog for more info. © PV.

  4. BulletPVAMA (info),  A proprietary adaptive moving average, specific for finance market. Check blog for more info. © PV.

  5. BulletPVAlligator (info ), A typical three SMA line indicator, use typical, median or weighted input series for best results (no reason to buy, skip to the next ones).

  6. BulletPVAutoCenter (info),  An utility to center your NT7 chart  automatically. Check blog for more info. © PV.

  7. BulletPVAutoTrendLines (info). Draw lines from high to highs and low to lows to create automatic trend lines (support/resistance). © PV.

  8. BulletPVAvgSpread (info), An average spread calculated from every market depth change INSIDE bar. © PV.

  9. BulletPVBands (info), A modern new band indicator with trade signals. Check blog © PV.

  10. BulletPVBarColorizer (info), A simple free bar color changer to show extreme changes. Check blog © PV.

  11. BulletPVBarCountI (info), A simple counter to count bar counts of the day + SMA of those maxs. Use to count volume bars, renko & range bars and so on. Check blog © PV.

  12. BulletMLBarDir (info), A simple weighted bar direction indicator, used mostly at machine learning. Check blog © PV.

  13. BulletPVBarTrendColor (info). A Trend Indicator base to Trade Range. © PV.

  14. BulletMLBestTrade (info) Shows the best trade for the day. Check blog © PV.

  15. BulletPVBetaGamma (info) Direction & convexity. Check blog © PV.

  16. BulletPVBidAsk (video, info), A simple bid/ask, spread realtime indicator, which shows current bid/ask levels all the time live. Those level might wander quite a far from last tick data so this is essential information if you compare f. ex. DX (Dollar index) to other currencies and keep this as a reference point. © PV.

  17. BulletPVBidAskClear ( info), Check blog © PV.

  18. BulletBuySellVolumeDiff, Realtime volume indicator, which shows from which side (Bid/Ask) those trades  are done. Check PVDeltaDivergence as that has this one + additional functionality included.© PV.

  19. BulletPVChangeArb (picture, info) Compare instruments based on percent or direct tick change and visual  relative comparison. Initial starting point  based to zone calculation to get accurate starting values. Additional correlation factor to scale compared instrument movements. Or use to show simple (better than simple start of the day) percent change, only.   (some nice examples TF/NQ/ES together + 6E/6A  FDAX/FESX GC/SI) Check PVRelativeStrengthMeter, too. © PV.

  20. BulletPVChannel (info). A Channel Indicator base to Trade Range. © PV.

  21. BulletPVContractionLines (picture, picture2info), Sort of daily dev for target and stop loss usage. Use either daily ATR based or fixed initial range if you are familiar with used instrument. TimeFrame adjustable. © PV.

  22. BulletPVCorrelationMultiplier (, PriceGroup1A simple correlation indicator for multiplying/dividing instrument with an other instrument such as 6E (EUR/USD). It is recommended to be used in the same panel, scale justification left (calculate on bar close: false, Price Markers: false).

  23. BulletPVCrossSignals infoGenerate all possible and even more, signals from every cross of the any indicator or price. Second time frame and PeriodType included as well.  © PV.

  24. BulletPVDailyMABalance ( info) This shows a balanced (or weighted?) moving average (SMA or EMA) starting from the first bar of the session so this is a pure day trading indicator. A price tend to move towards it at end of the trading day. Check blog © PV.

  25. BulletMLDelta (info) Delta information to the machine learning.  © PV.

  26. BulletPVDeltaBox (info), Delta histogram. Calculate volume traded either bid or ask level.  Check blog entry for more info © PV.

  27. BulletPVDeltaFilter  (, PriceGroup2, picture), Sort of momentum indicator with exact tick levels. Standard deviation (usual model) is not good during quiet periods.  © PV.

  28. BulletPVDateFilter ( info), Filter specific dates or weekdays © PV.

  29. BulletPVDeltaCumulative (pictureinfo), Calculate volume traded either bid or ask level.  Check blog entry for more info © PV.

  30. BulletPVDeltaDivergence (info), Calculate volume difference traded either bid/ask level and spots divergence from high/lows if buying is more aggressive at lows or selling at tops. Check blog entry for more info © PV.

  31. BulletPVDivergenceMeter ( info), Calculate divergence (correlation) value between two instruments. Use for hedging or ..© PV.

  32. BulletPVDivergenceSpotterAny (audio1, audio2, info) This shows different divergences with different indicators. Can be used with automated strategies, too. Check blog. © PV.

  33. BulletPVDOM (pictureinfo) Depth Of Market or Market Depth Profile. See the market depth visually on every market depth change, not limited to NinjaTrader DOM depth as all can be seen. See the PVMarketDepthProfile as well as you get both with one price, I prefer PVDOM one. © PV.

  34. BulletPVDOMMeter ( info) Summary history of the previous one  © PV.

  35. BulletPVDynamicPivots (pictureinfo) This is based on percentile of the day (default 25/75%). Take the position to the day trend direction and do not set StopLoss far away from line.

  36. BulletTMDynamicIntraTargets ( info) Targets (Target/StopLoss) is calculated based to volatility and time to the session end. © PV.

  37. BulletPVElliottWave (picture, info) Some standard Elliot Waves marked to the chart. Extremely efficient code so you can run it even at very short timeframes real time. Signals for automated strategies. © PV

  38. BulletPVEvenLines ( info) Psychologically meaningful support & resistance levels drawn automatically to the chart.  © PV

  39. BulletPVExtraRegression ( info) Extrapolate and calculate unlimited best fit  polynomial order function to bars. Nothing like that on the market, unique, even fun. © PV.

  40. BulletPVFeedDelay (picture, picture2audio, info),  This will show the max  delay from exchange to the chart and will give an audible alert if delay is over the limit. Initial dynamic adjustment possible if your computer clock has not same time as  feeds source. © PV.

  41. BulletPVFibo(s) (pictureinfo) Show Fibonacci line(s) (retracement or extension) based to previous swing high/low using zigzag indicator. Use with automated strategies (PVFibo) or help to find out good entry or exit points for discretionary trading (PVFibos). © PV.

  42. BulletPVFilter (info) A Generic filter based to any indicator and different modes. Countless possibilities. This replace PVOscillator as can be used similar way. If used programmatically, you can find the perfect solution with strategy analyzer. Part of developer tools. © PV.

  43. BulletPVForecatsRange (info) Unique! Calculate expected move/targets based to previous days volatility and time. © PV.

  44. BulletPVGartley (picture, video, info) Find out Gartley pattern, draw and signal it © PV.

  45. BulletPVHighAcceleration ( audio, info), This realtime indicator will give an audible warning, if given range / in given time, such as 8 ticks/3 sec, has been exceeded. Range 6 / 3000  milliseconds (3 sec) is quite good for FDAX. Always on my chart © PV.

  46. BulletPVHMLines (info) High/Low Peaks, Middle, High, Low Lines.

  47. BulletPVHSPattern (pictureinfo) Standard Head & Shoulders pattern  marked to the chart.  signal available too, both sides. Based to HSIdentify & HSBasicDef from NinjaTrader forum with added functionality.

  48. BulletPVIndex (picture, info) Calculate weighted index from list of instruments. You can set dif weights to different instruments. Index = (ΣInstrument[i]*Weight[i])/divisor © PV.

  49. BulletPVIndicatorI ( info) Choose any indicator via index. This is a master of any indicator for automated strategies. Please, check more info from the blog, definitely more useful than you can imagine first!   © PV

  50. BulletPVIPeaks ( info) Choose any indicator via index. Peaks found and marked with signal probabilistics!   © PV

  51. BulletHistoryLine (picture), Statistical data from previous day(s), use to check turnpoints and so on.. © PV.

  52. BulletLineFromTime, (Free_of_Charge) A very simple free indicator, line from start of the stock market open or any other meaningful time. Use with futures .. request via mail.

  53. BulletPVMAD ( info) A Mean Absolute Deviation Indicator.  © PV.

  54. BulletPVTrendFilter (picture, infoSeveral different trend indications (ParabolicSar, DynamicPivots , SMA, EMA, ZLEMA, LinReg, DM, ZLEMA of HeikenAshi, Swing, KAMA, VMA, WMA, Aroon, DMI, TSI, ADX/DMI) timeframe adjustable (baseline = any bar, minute or range).A cousin of the OscillatorFilter. My favorite for visual aid is based to swing (picture) indicator. © PV.

  55. BulletPVMarketDepthProfile (picture, parameters, video, downloadaudio, info) A real time market depth profile indicator as an example, very useful. This kind of indicator should be included with standard NinjaTrader. A special version features  audio and chart tag marking property, if definable bid/ask level exceeds limits. Useful, if some extra volume hits the market or low/high has some extreme volumes to offer. These warnings will give good guidance to initiate or exit a trade. This works or actually look  better with range & renko bars than traditional longer term bars if MarkExtremes: true. Actually start with PVDOM (every market depth change at right side), I prefer that. © PV.

  56. BulletPVMarkWeekday ( info) A simple indicator to mark a specific weekday to the chart or 3rd Friday of the month (option expire) or read some specific dates from the file to be marked to the chart.  © PV.

  57. BulletPVMaxNetProfitSlashDrawDown (picture, info) Utility (not an indicator) to the Optimizer.  A free addition to the optimizer. This calculates performance value based to max net profit % / max draw down %. Use this to find out low risk strategies. This is shared as a source code (very short one) so request this via mail (free of charge). You need to compile it in your side. © PV.

  58. BulletPVMaxDeltaPerTime (picture, picture2audio, info) An indicator to keep on eye some high speed events if otherwise longer timeframe in use. (usage: emergency exits ...) Use the PVHighAcceleration indicator for grainer (granularity less than second)  audio alerts but this one has history printout as well. © PV.

  59. BulletPVMomentum ( info ) A Momentum indicator based to PVAMA. © PV.

  60. BulletMLTools ( info) Several Machine Learning support indicators/strategies packaged together. Huge set. © PV.

  61. BulletPVDailyDev (picture, info) A normal daily deviation distributed dynamically during day. © PV.

  62. BulletPVOrderBookOscillator (picture, info),  Calculate and show certain level of bid/ask level together. © PV.

  63. BulletPVOsc (pictureinfo),  Best of Stochastics and RSI. Middle line color good indication and otherwise use as Stochastic or RSI, divergence as well. (Set Middle line width 2 at properties). © PV.

  64. BulletOscillatorFilter (picture), Several different oscillator indications(FOSC, ROC, RVI, RSI, Stochastics, MACD, PVOsc, TRIX, RSI/val, Stochastics/val, DeltaFilter(/val)) timeframe adjustable (baseline = any bar, minute or range). This and trendfilter are not so much different. See PVFilter as that replaces mostly this one.© PV.

  65. BulletTMPairs (info, ) Compare two  instruments at (bid - ask) level accuracy (binary options pair strike value). Check PVChangeArb and TMStrikePrice, too © PV.

  66. BulletPVPairTradeNormalizedI (info) Compare two  instruments normalized way. Check PVChangeArb, too © PV.

  67. BulletPVPivots (info) All common pivots (Standard, Fibonacci, Camarilla, Woodies, DeMarks)  grouped together to a single indicator with added functionality. © PV.

  68. BulletPercentChangeArb (renamed to PVChangeArb).

  69. BulletPut/Call Calculator (picture) A kind of an option calculator for turbo warrants (real-time based on futures). © PV.

  70. BulletPVPriceAlert (pictureinfo, audio1, audio2), Give an audible alert (&send e-mail) when a price levels (Upper or Lower, two independent) reached. Interactive: Drag to activate and set levels. Version: is my personal favorite. Always on my chart. © PV.

  71. BulletPVRegLineDir (info) Draw the regression line (linear best fit) so (ups/downs) that divergence or direction is easy to see if this indicator is used both for price and for indicator. © PV.

  72. BulletPVRelativeStrengthMeter (picture, info) Compare several instruments or currencies relative to each other. Check PVChangeArb, too © PV.

  73. BulletReverseCalc (video). This indicator calculates backwards what is needed close value for current, next bar (Calculate on bar close: false) to give indicator value to predefined value. Target / Stop Loss use. (Limited amount of reverse engineered indicators on list but more can be added by request.)

  74. BulletSignalProvider (picture), Typical or not so typical signals generated by traditional crosses. © PV.

  75. BulletSignalProviderArbCross (picture), Huge amount of  cross signal available, upper/lower levels and so on...  Timeframe adjustable(baseline = any bar type, minute or range). © PV.

  76. BulletPVSmartTargetLines (picture, infoA Target is based previous days min/max, support/resistance + daily ATR. © PV.

  77. BulletPVSpline  (info), Use this tool to smooth and even extrapolate coming bars.  © PV.

  78. BulletPVSpreadMax (picture, info, audio), This indicator shows a max spread, give an audible warning and write spread to output window if over limit (delta). © PV.

  79. BulletSpreadMarker (picture, audio), Marks the current spread to the chart. © PV.

  80. BulletTMSrikePrice ( info) A real strike price calculated for binary options from bid/ask level. Check TMPairs, too © PV.

  81. BulletTMSupportAndResistanceinfoA real support and resistance indicator based to histogram, mainly for automated strategies. Check blog. © PV.

  82. BulletStartOfTheDay Simple reminder of the day start. First time cross can mean something.

  83. BulletPVStat (picture, info) , Show statistics from past bars, get idea of support/resistance and so on © PV.

  84. BulletPVStochasticsAlert ( audio1, audio2, audio3, audio4, info) A special version of VerbalAnnouncements, concentrated to stochastics audio alerts. © PV.

  85. BulletStopLevel, keep track of stop order (IOrder), enable leading trail and auto breakeven, sort of ATM model without managed restrictions. For automated strategies.

  86. BulletSwingProfile, How many swing turns at what level (swing indicator based statistical one). Support & resistance indicator. © PV.

  87. BulletPVSwingFilter (infoA sort of trend filter, a direction is estimated from two last high and two last low swings with some additional logic. © PV.

  88. BulletPVSwingZones (picture, video_training, info) More visual one from previous SwingProfile (wider zones). Clear and REAL support & resistance indicator based on previous turn points. Essential indicator for support and resistance based manual traders. Check the video. © PV.

  89. BulletPVTargetLevel,  Dynamic & reverse indicator calculations.. © PV.

  90. BulletPVTimeBars (pictureinfo) Show the time of non time bars visually or over bars. To find out extremes of those (low & high values) © PV.

  91. BulletPVTimeFilter (, info), Remove or take at specific timeframe like news time events or .. © PV.

  92. BulletPVTimeOHLC (picture, info) Enchanced CurrentDayOHL & PriorDayOHLC together. Session break at needed time, or partial hours.. © PV.

  93. BulletPVTimeStat (picture, info) A statistical and predictive indicator calculating amount of past days data together. This can have some real value © PV.

  94. BulletPVTimeZone (picture, info) Simple indicator to shade and mark different timezones, pre, aftermarkets to the chart, alarm at  specific time and use as a simple timefilter, too © PV.

  95. BulletPVTrendFilter (picture, info)  Several different trend indications (ParabolicSar, DynamicPivots , SMA, EMA, ZLEMA, LinReg, DM, ZLEMA of HeikenAshi, Swing, KAMA, VMA, WMA, Aroon, DMI, TSI, ADX/DMI) timeframe adjustable (baseline = any bar, minute or range).A cousin of the OscillatorFilter. My favorite for visual aid is based to Swing (picture) indicator. © PV.

  96. BulletVerbalAnnouncements  These indicators included: MACD (crosses), Stochastic, ADX, RSI and ParabolicSAR.  Other audio notices: Time of news events, Speed limit based on ATR (increased volatility). Any other indicator or event can be added by request. © PV.

  97. BulletPVVerticalTimeLines, ( info) Several different customizable vertical lines to mark different times to the chart. Useful if you have to do something before, after or during some timeframe. © PV.

  98. BulletPVVola (picture, info) PriceVoodoo’s own proprietary volatility meter. Volatility INSIDE bar calculated.. x*dys/candle. Use “Normalized” to get familiar with it. © PV.

  99. BulletVolatilityFilter, pass the quiet periods. © PV.

  100. BulletVolumeFilter (picture), Trade during reasonable volume times only or keep out if something unexpected  happens. © PV.

  101. BulletTMVolumeProfileBA ( info) Count the traded volumes at certain level/bid/ask. Check the blog. © PV.

  102. BulletPVVoss ( info) A Voss Predictive Filter Indicator.  © PV.

  103. BulletVolumeSpike Shows volume spikes above the special average for Volume Breakout System.

  104. BulletPVVWEMACD (info ) Volume weighted exponential moving average (MACD).

  105. BulletPVZigZagPointer ( info) Utility to show ZigZag values like Swing values + signal generator to use ZigZag values as a source like Higher Highs / Lower Lows and so on. Check the blog. © PV.

If there is a blog mentioned inside the parenthesis, there are much more information regarding the indicator (direct entry so press the link).

May the edge be be with you, you are welcome. 

All of those XXXFilters are building blocks of strategies or can be used as an easy and clear aid in manual trading.

SignalProviderXXXs are designed to automatic strategies. Plenty of possibilities.

There are much more information about indicators in the blog, check it and essential indicator info, too.

PV*’s are downloadable indicators, check DOWNLOAD page for instructions, still. A license is based to the NinjaTrader license model.

Green: Real Professional value add on if used correctly.

Red: Mandatory Account Value Savers. Please, test these to protect your assets.

Blue: Common type and/or widely used indicators.

Other indicator categories here.

Alternative custom-made indicators are done by request.

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