Custom-made NinjaTrader indicators ready to use. You can also design your own special one, improve an existing one or create a totally new type of an indicator.

PriceVoodoo has categorized indicator types for your convenience in the category page.

Here is a list of current indicators for sale. Those marked  and starting with PV are available for commercial or free use (Check FreeTrial) the rest are added by request.  If you have any  ideas for improving an  indicator or creating a totally new one, please let us know. Those ideas  can be implemented in very flexible manner. How can I help you to be a better trader?

Our model for creating an indicator is so flexible that you cannot lose anything trying our services, protective tools and indicators - on the other hand, possibilities are limitless.

You can have a one month trial for every indicator with a special arrangement.

You can download an indicator directly from indicator list page (PV*.zip) but check Download page if additional parts are needed to enable functionality like audio.

Support is available if you face any problems.

Alternative custom-made indicators are done by request.

Check the starter pack to developers, too.

Financial Technical Indicators

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