Small company,  small costs, lots of agility

Development of an indicator:


  1. 1.Send us  your request to develop an indicator.

  2. 2.The feasibility check will be done for the proposed indicator to see whether it is reasonable and possible to develop.

  3. 3.It will be developed as fast as possible.  (Check: calendar)

  4. 4.You can test and check the indicator to see whether it works for you.

  5. 5.If you think that the indicator is useful, you have several options:

  6. 6.    Buy only a license via PayPal (no source code, cheaper fee).

  7. 7.    Alternatively, you can buy the indicator totally to yourself (You will receive the source code and full rights to it and I will not use it in any other development). Cost: Time of development hours X cost/hour.

A strategy development: As this might be more discrete, none of the ideas will be utilized elsewhere and NDAs can be provided  (although  it is less risky to share an idea with a developer than you might think first, I could publish my best ideas and strategies in a newspaper and nobody would utilize them. Furthermore, as a small company I do not use the ideas of others but as a trader I can bring some value add-on to the process).

Our (=my) model to do business

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