We are open to any model, which have mutual benefit for both parties.

Something like but not limited to:

  1. Set your own indicator to be sold  here (our commission 30%, like Apple)

  2. Strategy cooperation

  3. Create indicators to be sold

  4. Resell any indicator you wish (Most of the indicator IP’s are mine but check it and get 30% of the full price..)

  5. Marketing cooperation (That’s my worst part as an engineer but maybe you can help!?)

  6. Referral program

  7. Brokers (At least looking for those who has NinjaTrader capabilities, no Introducing Broker interest!)

  8. Signal providing (see C2 as an example, like showcase signals)

  9. ...

  10. Hardware co-operation? (I could use as much computer power as available in the whole world)

Please, contact us to start prospective prolific cooperation:

Marko Rantala

Founder of PVoodoo

Or would you like to buy the whole business?

Would you like to partner with us?


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