Custom Trading Strategies

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The ideas you find worthwhile can be programmed and backtested for you. Futures are our speciality. Developer’s own experience as a trader can be utilized in this process, but intellectual property rights of the original idea stay at you always.

Check our testing services as sometimes there it is no need to develop ideas up to strategy level if you utilize those f.ex. in manual trading. Choose the model you like. How can I help you?

Custom-made strategies are done by request.

Our price is  20-140 $/hour. The price range is quite wide, as you can see, but it is based on the experience and skills required for the project in question. Average is about 40-80 $/hour.  If the work needs to be started at scratch, it has a lower price/hour, since most often some previous templates can be utilized and the development process is very fast. It is possible to use the same model as with indicators here, if you prefer that. Rapid prototyping is my type of work so most often strategy draft  is ready to be tested at that time than normal define/planning would require and the work should start. This is fast and efficient which benefits both parties and if you don’t like the result no need to pay anything so risk is at my side. To simplify: Im used to write the code in the same time than the whole definition (and correct the definition phase errors).

Some of my own strategies are listed as an example here.

Several neural network models have been done and machine learning/deep learning used, even some very promising test regarding trading. However, all ideas concerning this subject are welcome as well. (I think that neural network over optimize with curve fitting the future results too easily). Some recent  development again at Machine Learning / AI / NeuroNetworks.

Check the starter pack to developers, too.

*) Our automatic strategy finders (genetic and brute force algorithms) have harvested millions of different strategies (subject to data mining bias) but as you might have realized, there is always place for smart human visual  skills and creativeness based on past learning and experience although human mind is vulnerable to overconfidence and hindsight bias. References.

Most are written for NinjaTrader, over 1000 *) written and tested in that environment.