Examples of PVoodoo strategies, some ideas are copied from the public source.

Use List from the blog site to get current strategies. (For historical reasons, next ones leaved here, to give some ideas, maybe?)

PriceVoodoo sites:

  1. BulletArbCrossOscSimplified Further development of MFFullMix, Main robot used at at showcase since July 2012. Not for resale as this use all those own private indicators and signal  generators -> package problem. © PV.

  2. BulletPVAttachTargetsAndATM  Utility (PVAttachTargetsAndATM_NT7.zip, PriceGroup2, info, video_coming) Attach or sets targets (target&stop loss) and/or ATM parameters (Auto breakeven and Auto trail parameters) for a working position if position entered without those (ATM Strategy: <None>) accidentally or change needed. OCO orders so I recommend to remove initial target/stop losses (if set) and let this do it’s job. Please, test with simulation feed first to be familiar with this utility. © PV.

  3. BulletAsianEffect Leading effect to European markets. Should Europe be test as a leading to US (no good correlation so far found?). © PV.

  4. BulletATRLeadingTrailLongandShort..  Base level calculator to DailyXXX robots. © PV.

  5. BulletPVBarPredictor (picture1, picture2, blog) Try to predict movement just before next (major) bar open (for currency or commodity markets although eq. pictures are from FDAX, interesting as I wouldn’t expect these kind of simple discrepancies exist any more, can’t trade with my commissions, time to keep max 20s). HFT Type. © PV.

  6. BulletBasicXXX (US, Down, Up) © PV.

  7. BulletBlackSwan Acceleration/delta/arbitrage based. Small amount of entries, so you don’t have this on when needed.. © PV.

  8. BulletBobsleyEnchanced (eqsample,) Copy of Winner of Automated Trading Championship 2010.

  9. BulletPVBreakout (PVBreakout_NT7.zip, eqsample, info) A generic breakout strategy with clear visual aid. All subscribers will get set of predefined strategy parameters but the own special ones can be calculated easily with it too. This is quite common type of strategy so this is attractively priced but it has it own powerful value. Test it freely 7 days. © PV.
    BreakoutHL © PV.

  10. BulletBuyOrSellAtTime © PV.

  11. BulletChartPatterns (eqsample) Some common chart patterns checked, more like an academic research. © PV.

  12. BulletClotForward MarketDepth based as next one, take advantage of others stop loss orders © PV.

  13. BulletClotReverse © PV.

  14. BulletCrossOrCross Derivative from MFFullMix, different crosses to different directions.. © PV.

  15. BulletPVCrossSignalsS (PVCrossSignalsS_NT7.zip, info) A strategy using PVCrossSignals indictor as a source for almost any cross condition you can imagine and even more. You can test and optimize those and get a right indicator or/and a period. © PV.

  16. BulletDailyMorningEnter © PV.

  17. BulletDaily.. DAX,CAC,FESX,ES (the best ones, educated guess from earlier days, early pick up... day of the week significant) © PV.

  18. BulletDAXTurboEater  HFT type, entries at expiration levels. © PV.

  19. BulletPVDeltaDivergenceS (PVDeltaDivergenceS_NT7.zip, info) The PVDeltaDivergence indicator used as a signal generator.  © PV.

  20. BulletPVDivergenceSpotterStrategy (PVDivergenceSpotterStrategy_NT7.zip, audio1, audio2) The PVDivergenceSpotter indicator used as a signal generator. (Run with Reverse = True) © PV.

  21. BulletPVDonchianScalper (PVDonchianScalper_NT7.zip, PriceGroup3)  Donchian Scalper Strategy © PV.

  22. BulletDoubleTopDaily © PV.

  23. BulletEMAbased.. EMASlope © PV.

  24. BulletPVExtraRegressionS (PVExtraRegression_NT8.zip, info) A strategy using PVExtraRegression indicator © PV.

  25. BulletFirstBarIndication © PV.

  26. BulletFiveStepperET © PV.

  27. BulletPVGaps (eqsample, PVGaps_NT7.zip, info) A generic gap strategy to test and trade diff gaps, like weekend gap and so on.. © PV.

  28. BulletHAshi © PV.

  29. BulletPVHeartBeat Utility (audio) Utility to check that NinjaTrader or/and feed is working as expected. Keep this running for every active instrument/strategy pair. © PV.

  30. BulletIndicatorCounter Utility Utility to test different trend, oscillator and signal indicators like how many signals/day © PV.

  31. BulletPVIPeaksS (PVIPeaks_NT8.zip, info)  Strategy using PVIPeaks ANY indicator © PV.

  32. BulletInstrumentFollower (sort of hedge) © PV.

  33. BulletKeltnerReverse © PV.

  34. BulletKnockEater HFT type or at least positions are not kept many seconds. © PV.

  35. BulletLeadingTrailLong,Short © PV.

  36. BulletLimitBarLong&Short © PV.

  37. BulletLineBreak.. © PV.

  38. BulletLongTermCheck © PV.

  39. BulletMACDSimpleCrossOver © PV.

  40. BulletMAMATest © PV.

  41. Bullet

  42. BulletPVMartingale ()  A martingale system to check different money management equity outcome © PV.

  43. BulletPVSemiManualStrategyTester (info),  Indicator&Strategy for strategy testing.  Check blog for more info. © PV.

  44. BulletPVMasterS (info) PVoodoo’s main day trading  strategy for sale. Worth to test and check, start from blog © PV.

  45. BulletPVMaxNetProfitSlashDrawDown Utility to the Optimizer (blog) A free addition to the optimizer. This calculates performance value based to max net profit % / max draw down %. Use this to find out different risk level strategies. This is shared as a source code (very short one) so request this via mail (free of charge). You need to compile it in your side. © PV.

  46. BulletMasterRangePicker(&FlipFlop) © PV.

  47. BulletMFFullMix (eqsample but there would be millions of those), automatic strategy generator, test all possible ...  without need to write a separate code, unlimited computer power needed, anyone? © PV.

  48. BulletMFFullMixWithAtmStop, & PropTargets, “normal” ATM parameters added to previous one © PV.

  49. BulletMidnightKeltner (eqsample) ES at midnight, some statistical interest © PV.

  50. BulletMorningBreakout Breakout from initial range during ... © PV.

  51. BulletMorningDip © PV.

  52. BulletMTTest © PV.

  53. BulletNextDayAfterShortSqueese © PV.

  54. BulletNightShiftLong,Short © PV.

  55. BulletNumbersForkSide Financial numbers announced, straddle from that, HFT type, not much delay accepted. © PV.

  56. BulletNumbersLong,Short  © PV.

  57. BulletOHLCBreakOutWithSwing © PV.

  58. BulletTMOneBarer (TMOneBarer_NT7.zip, info) Strategy or Utility to check all possible NT indicators agains any values with Strategy Analyzer (Not limited to One bar) © PV.

  59. BulletOwnCustomAnnouncements More like an indicator as it will give an audible announcement from all possible conditions but it is implemented as a strategy, it is easier to keep in NinjaTrader Control Center Strategies list. © PV.

  60. BulletOscAndOsc (Special case to check multiple OscilatorFilters, derivative from MFFullMix) © PV.

  61. BulletPVPairTradeS (PVPairTradeS_NT7.zip, info) Pair trade strategy and indicator, check more info from the blog © PV.

  62. BulletPeakReverse (eqsample,) idea thanks to Pepe, good PF.

  63. BulletPeakReverseAdvTarget (eqsample)

  64. BulletPeakForwardAdvTarg Lower PF but better max net profit compared to the previous ones.

  65. BulletPeakForwardFlipFlop (eqsample), work best at volatile markets.

  66. BulletPeakFwdPSARStop (eqsample,) advanced leading trail stop © PV.

  67. BulletPeakVolumeCover Cover high volume bought/solds during special events (over lot of stops and so on) at end of the day.., low amount of entries, High Profit Factor (no similarities to previous PeakXXX strategies). © PV.

  68. BulletPivotsStrategy © PV.

  69. BulletPopper, PopperMulti, MH, OHL © PV.

  70. BulletPremarketTrendL.... © PV.

  71. BulletRangeSwingLong,ShortAdv © PV.

  72. BulletRenkoSwingLong, Short Very good example of nice equity curve look but NOT real © PV.

  73. BulletRubberBandTrade (copy of..)

  74. BulletSeaHawkPingPong  (copy of..)

  75. BulletSetupRobo Use this as an example code together with add ons to UserDefinedMethods, cut&paste, as a mother of all strategies ...  (ATMs, prints, strategy level global variables, common strategy parameters ..)  © PV.

  76. BulletShortSqueezeBreakout (&MI) (eqsample, info) Good ProfitFactor but quite low amount of entries. © PV.

  77. BulletSpeeder, SpeederAdv  Accelerator based © PV.

  78. BulletSpeedFactorAdvTimeSpan © PV.

  79. BulletStochasticAdvanced, MF PSPAR

  80. BulletSuunnikas (eqsample,) parallelogram © PV.

  81. BulletThreeBarPattern (test copy of kwikpop.com)

  82. BulletTimePickup © PV.

  83. BulletTimeSpanAtDay © PV.

  84. BulletTimR1 (copy of...)

  85. BulletUltimateMachine © PV.

  86. BulletUltimateSeeker © PV.

  87. BulletPVUseManualTrades (info),  Part of Semimanual /automatic strategy tester.  Check blog for more info. © PV.

  88. Bullet

  89. Bullet                                  Some images of previous ones

Green: Real Professional value add on if used correctly.

Red: Mandatory Account Value Savers.

Blue: Common type and/or widely used.

Common strategy parameters.

There are much more information about strategies in the blog, check it!

Alternative custom-made strategies are done by request.

Most of the normal strategies can be pretested with MFFullMixWithAtmStop without even generating new code and very fast.  You can’t lose anything with asking but win if there is a potential behind it.

There is a substantial risk of loss in trading any futures. Past performance is not indicative of future results (it can be even much better).

Financial website owners: Would you like to partner with us to resell any previous one or create own indicators/strategies to be sold.