Strategy Categories

Type of Strategy:

  1. Utility (Account Savers): PVAttachTargetsAndATM, PVHeartBeat, SetupRobo (to speed up development)

  2. Arbitrage: InstrumentFollower, PairTradeNomalizedS

  3. Breakouts: PVBreakout (=A generic breakout strategy, try it!),  BreakOutHL, MorningBreakOut, ShortSqueeseBreakout, KnockEater

  4. Divergence: Some..

  5. HFT: KnockEater (sort of HFT)

  6. Misc: AsianEffect, NumbersForkSide

  7. Market Data: ClotForward, ClotReverse

  8. Momentum: MACDCrossOver, ...

  9. Price Action: PVCrossSignalsS, BlackSwan, ChartPatterns, ...

  10. Statistical: NextDayAfterShortSqueese

  11. Support & Resistance: PivotsStrategy

  12. Time: ATRLeadingTrailXXX, DailyMorningEnter, FirstBarIndication, MorningDip

  13. Trends: Many ..

  14. Typical Crosses/Levels: DonchianScalper, KeltnerReverse, ...

  15. Visual/audio aid or reminder: OwnCustomAnnouncements

  16. Volatility: VolaPick

  17. Volume: Usually only as a filter, or divergence .. OR use volume bars!

Try some, now!

Automatic strategy finders, signal generators and filters, not for resale currently (package problem).

Green: Real Professional value add on if used correctly

Red: Account Value Shakers.

Blue: Common type and/or widely used strategy.

Classic  Strategy Models:

  1. Mean Reversion

  2. Momentum (Trend following)

  3. Breakouts

Alternative custom-made strategies are done by request.

Just give a summary of different type of PVoodoo’s strategies, not strict categories (some listed as an example). (Check blog site instead)

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