Support:  Free e-mail service regarding installation or licensing issues.

Installation: Download the indicator or strategy .zip package to your computer and unpack it with NinjaTrader instructions (search: import NinjaScript) Control Center -> Utilities -> Import NinjaScript... .If separate audio files are needed, download the whole audio package and unzip it to  C:\Program Files (x86)\NinjaTrader 7\sounds\” directory.

Licensing: Provide us the machine ID value (ControlCenter -> Help -> About ...) so we can proceed and enable  permanent license key to you (this will be done at pvoodoo side so you don’t have to enter anything later). A license move from one machine to other, $10 administrative handling fee. Check Purchase page.

Sales: Do you like to buy a larger set of indicators or for several machines, special price can be arranged, contact us.

Buying: Please, Provide your e-mail or machine-ID-value when entering information to PayPal form. That’s something what is needed to enable licensing but if you didn’t enter that information at first hand we can get that via e-mail later on. Check Purchase page.

Help: Using this site? This grey look and feel is so boring (can’t understand my previous short career at user interface design, or maybe you can..)  but if you move the cursor around the text you might notice some extra links to other pages, which might be useful?!.  Click on those, C2 pictures and so on...

Contact: PriceVoodoo utilized electronic communication so please leave an e-mail request or direct request if you have any support, sales or other questions for us.

Support & Sales, Sure, Don’t worry!

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