Small company,  small costs, lots of agility

Testing services are done based on hour service and invoice only via PayPal.

Try to be as specific as you can with request (project specifications) but that will be clarified during process and nothing will be invoiced without a mutual agreement.

Consulting, either day (direct invoice, about 600 €/day)) or hour based (PayPal 40-120 USD/hour) invoicing.

Please, Request a Quote in any case.

About  testing services: As this might sound risky to share an idea, none of the ideas will be utilized elsewhere and NDAs (NDA handling fee invoiced) can be provided.  Integrity is the key to stay in this business. It is less risky to share an idea with a developer than you might think first, I could publish my best ideas and strategies in a newspaper and nobody would utilize them. Furthermore, as a small company I do not use the ideas of others but as a trader I can bring some value add-on to the process. Plus as a small company the possible leaks are much more limited as not shared to any larger group.

Our (=my) model to do business

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