Have you ever had an idea which seems to be profitable but you would like to know more about it and get confidence to use or abandon it?

Testing services

PriceVoodoo sites:

Something like:

  1. Historical equity curve

  2. Backtested reasonable profit / stop loss levels

  3. Max. Drawdown (historical)

  4. Percent Profitable

  5. Average Trade, Winning, Losing

  6. Ratio avg. Win / avg. Loss


  8. Possible enhancement ideas to basic idea

  9. Best periods

  10. Other Instruments

  11. ...

Send your idea to us,  and we can test it like any strategy with same model. You don’t need to have a NinjaTrader or even any automated platform to utilize the results with manual trading, but an idea can be build up to a ready automated strategy, if you wish. Most of the normal type strategies can be tested with MFFullMixWithAtmStop without even generating new code and very fast, so testing services can be priced very attractively. Partial optimization like to get reasonable target/stop loss levels can be get easily, too. 

Data available: See Kinetick. All those + some MarketReplay data.

OR if you want to test it by yourself easily: use SemiManual Strategy Tester. Read it from the blog.