Indicator Categories

Type of Indicators (some examples mentioned here, klick ALL after every category to get all of those and see a better documentation):

  1. Alerts (Account Savers): PVFeedDelay, PVHighAcceleration, PVSpreadMax, PVMaxDeltaPerTime, PVAvgSpread, PVStochasticsAlert, PVPriceAlert, ALL

  2. Arbitrage: PVChangeArb, PVIndex, ALL

  3. Divergence: PVDeltaDivergence, PVDivergenceMeter, PVDivergenceSpotterANY, ALL

  4. Fibonacci: PVPivots, PVFibosUp&Down, PVFibo(s), ALL

  5. Free: Free Indicators: ALL

  6. Harmonic Patterns: PVElliotWave, ALL

  7. Machine Learning: Check MLTools, ALL

  8. Misc: PVCorrelationMultiplier, SignalProviderXXX

  9. Market Data (Profile): PVMarketDepthProfile, PVDOM, PVOrderBookOscillator, ALL

  10. Momentum: PVOsc, DeltaFilter, OscillatorFilter, ALL

  11. Order Flow: PVDeltaDivergence, PVDeltaCumulative, TMVolumeProfileBA, ALL

  12. Price Action: PVAlligator, PVContractionLines, PVHighAcceleration, PVMaxDeltaPerTime, TrendFilter, PVPriceAlert, ALL

  13. Statistical: HistoryLine, PVDailyDev, PVMarkWeekday, PVFibo(s), PVTimeStat, PVStat, PVIndex

  14. Support & Resistance: Automatic: SwingProfile, PVSwingZones, PVDynamicPivots, PVDailyDev; Sort of: PVContractionLines, PVTimeOHLC, TMSupportAndResistance, ALL

  15. Time: StartOfTheDay, VerticalConstantTimeLines, PVTimeZone, PVTimeBars, PVVerticalTimeLines, PVTimeBars, PVTimeFilter, PVDateFilter, ALL

  16. Trend: PVTrendFilter, PVAutoTrend, PVSwingFilter, ALL

  17. Utility: PVBarCountI,  PVAttachTargetsAndATM This  one actually implemented as a strategy, see strategy examples. Useful if those essential values are not set initially or change needed for the working live position. Same for PVHeartBeat, which checks feed and NinjaTrader’s health. ALL

  18. Volatility: VolatilityFilter, PVVola (Pvoodoo’s own proprietary volatility meter, Normalized dx/dy’s/candle) , ALL

  19. Volume: VolumeSpike, VolumeFilter, PVDeltaDivergence, ALL

Please free to test those, now!

Check blog for more info and essential indicators as a start up.

Signal generators and filters, Usage for manual trading or to be used inside automatic strategies.

Green: Real Professional value add on if used correctly.

Red: Mandatory Account Value Savers. Please, test these to protect your assets.

Blue: Common type and/or widely used indicators.

Alternative custom-made indicators are done by request.

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