Would you like to have a company to run with amazing self-financing robots, value indeterminate...

The Whole Company For Sale

PriceVoodoo sites:

- Recurring profit from my clients  (small but OK, I’m not a sales person).

  1. -New sales  (Indicators & Strategies, Signals, increasing constantly. You could do a much better job here after marketing... ).

  1. -All the Intellectual Properties and Software As Is (Indicators and Strategies, hundreds if not thousands. My IP, no customer ones as those are protected).

- All the contacts, collected during years...  (thousands of traders around the word, sales contact or new lead generation and so on..).


My own robot model, not published as I use that as my best income, works for several markets. I personally use that for FDAX, 6E (= EUR/USD) and TF (Russell), mainly for FDAX as that has nice volatility for that model. The LIVE model facts available via request. Some info from this year  2014/01/01 - 2014/06/30 Account up +155% PF: 1.60  508 trades, Longs 265 Shorts 243  (half year at this writing time, unfortunately some weeks out from the market as I have had some vacation)). Live trades which can be verified from my brokerage! This is a 5 digit account, done as an example to my model. The most important: very very small draw downs, equity curve almost straight line (I have another account where I use discretionary trading as well and not so good income there). I’m going to update the facts every quarter here:

Update -1 2014/01-01 - 2014/03/31:  +90%

Update 0. 2014/01/01 - 2014/06/30: +155%

Update 1. 2014/01/01 - 2014/09/30: +245%

Update 2. 2014/01/01 - 2014/12/31: +237%, Final for 1st year. (adding additional robots for other instruments didn’t work for last quarter, one month off)

The amount is calculated from the real account value at those dates so everything is included, errors, fees & commissions (This is not even my cheapest broker).

2015: Using another account as an example, initial amount (20 725),

expect results here at every quarter (new limited risk setup, even smoother eq. curve but less profit expected).

ALL inclusive,  I wouldn’t compete or would use the models any more after buyout not to dilute your income.

(I could retire totally from this business or leave as an advisor or a programmer (my hobby)). 

Please, contact me, only serious investors or proposals, some initial thoughts about price: something about $8 million, bargain but I have no need for more but maybe you have...

Marko Rantala

Founder of PVoodoo

Different partnership models can be thought as well!