Every PV strategy has some common parameters (no need to ask or define separately for individual strategy)

General Strategy Parameters

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General Strategy parameters:

  1. Take Longs

  2. Take Shorts

  3. Debug  (print/alert/mark some debug info to the output window or to the chart) 

  4. (MaxTradesPerDay (0 = not limited))

General Time parameters (either time strings or “ints” to backtest those values, use 0 to not limit with these) :

  1. Start Time, First possible entry time   (0= no effect)

  2. Stop Time, Last time to enter a new or reverse trade (0= no effect)

  3. Exit Time, Last final exit time (0= no effect)

  4. (MaxTimeToKeep, MaxBars (0 = not limited))

General Target parameters (if 0 -> not set):

  1. Target

  2. StopLoss

  3. (AutoBreakEven)

  4. (AutoBreakEvenPlus, can be negative)

  5. (AutoTrailProfTrig1)

  6. (AutoTrailStep1)

  7. (AutoTrailProfTrig2)

  8. (AutoTrailStep2)

  9. (DailyMaxTarget)

  10. (DailyMaxLoss)

*) those without parenthesis are standard ones (no extra fee or extra definition needed).

Strategy specific parameters: Periods, ...

Check PVDeltaDivergenceS as an example.